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Best tattoo studio in Bangalore - Xtreme tattoos

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1. Jayanagar (Near Nmkrv college)

2. Hanumantha nagar (Near BMS Engineering college) 

Contact # 8884888805 | 9886652084

Xtreme tattoo studio is providing Permanent tattoo services along with temporary tattoos.
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Xtreme tattoo studio has always suggested best tattoo designs for Men and Women. We give free appointments for the clients to discuss there tattoo ideas with our Professionally trained artists.
Xtreme tattoo studio is Safe and Hygienic tattoo studio assuring Hepatitis-B free environment and no cross contamination while doing the tattoos. We use all disposable products with organic inks.

Xtreme tattoo studio has achieved 4.8 out of 5 in Just dial ratings (with more than 100 ratings)
We have increased our client base mostly through referrals, thanks to all our clients for referring and the trust you have on us.

Please find few of our works below:-

Good to know information about laser tattoo removal

xyz got her boyfriend's name tattooed on her forearm but since their break-up recently, wants to get rid of it. Like these two, many others with similar problems who want to "erase" their tattoos, opt for laser treatment. Unfortunately, few know the hard facts about the procedure. Most importantly, that it's impossible to completely remove a tattoo.

How it works
Top Cosmetic and laser surgeon explains, "Lasers emit energy of various wavelengths that pass into the skin and is absorbed by a specific coloured pigment in the tattoo. This fragments the pigmentation into nano-particles which are gradually removed by the body's natural filtering systems (phagocytosis)." The kind of tattoo one has determines the kind, intensity or wavelengths of the laser, and the number of sessions required. A local anaesthetic cream is applied over the tattooed skin before the treatment, thus it is less painful.

Lightening possible, removal isn't
 "First of all, one has to understand that it is impossible to actually remove a tattoo — you can lighten it, nothing more. You will never get back the flawless skin that you had before you got the tattoo done. There is always a ghost mark. Even if it goes off the skin becomes discolored." Street-side tattoos are very light and superficial and that is why they are also easy to remove with the help of laser.

You're stuck with coloured tattoos
Experts say that if the tattoo is professionally done, it has very good quality pigments and is usually deep and so, it needs many laser sessions to lighten it. And if it is a large one, it may take months. Because after every laser session, one needs to maintain a gap of a few days. "Coloured tattoos are impossible to remove completely. Every pigment needs a different laser. Many doctors don't even have those specific lasers. There are certain pigments that just never lighten. Professional tattoos may require use of a combination of lasers with different wavelengths as different pigments require different wavelengths." 

Its costly

While a bindi-sized tattoo may set you back by around `6,000, a large multi-coloured one may cost upto `50,000 or more. Since it is more expensive to remove an inking, be absolutely sure before you get a permanent tattoo.

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For all the confusions and questions - Xtreme is the best tattoo studio to get your permanent tattoos.


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